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We are from the North-West of England and currently share our home with our three children Kyle, Lauren and Hannah and of course our boxers. Both myself and my husband Carl had always had dogs growing up so of course as soon as we moved into our first house it wasn't a matter of 'should' we get a dog it was just a matter of what breed!

Enter Narla - eventually we agreed that the only breed for us was a boxer, when we heard about Narla we couldn't resist. Sadly her previous owners could no longer offer her a home and so at 10 months old she joined our family. In May 1998 Narla whelped Kyenah boxers' first litter of pups an extremely tiring but amazing experience!

S ince first reading the Boxer Breed Standard we have hoped of one day owning a dog that we could take into the show ring. We have had our ups and our downs but thanks to Sharon and Rupert Hannibal of Toryjo Boxers we are now the proud owners of Josh. Fate was obviously smiling on us and the opportunity of owning Joe - 'Seacrest Def Leppard' - was one that we just couldn't pass up. Many thanks to Claire Kay for letting us have these two beautiful boys.

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